KRYPTON: DAWN OF MACHINES— Diamond Review 07/03/22

Krypton Dawn of Machines is a play2earn game built on the Wax Blockchain. Before you start playing, you must pick one of three robot factions: Titan, Chaos or Astrea. The faction you pick determines the distribution of prizes if your faction wins — built into various challenges.

Once your faction is chosen, the game centres around building a robot arming to battle impending attacks from alien hoards and other robot factions. Two types of robot are available: attackers and miners. Whilst miners, passively mine a token called ‘CUBE’ which can be sold on Alcor for Wax or used in game to build new NFT assets, robots and more, attackers are needed to fend off alien attacks and to take down alien bosses.

In the future, Krypton will release land plots, which will set up the start of a faction war across planets.

Find out more about Krypton Quest, here:

Krypton Dawn of Machines is a Ruby Rated Project

Utilising the Wax Diamond Metric 1.1, Krypton scores 70/100 making it a RUBY rated game!

Whilst the gameplay of the game is relatively simple, requiring you to click occasionally to repair robots and attack aliens, the game’s style, UI, artwork and general theme allow for an enjoyable experience, unlike many click based play2earn games which can feel like a chore.

Beyond the gameplay, there are still packs available for Krypton, albeit only for the Astrea faction which is currently in third place in the fight against aliens. Whilst these packs are being sold for $59, the crypto winter and slight downturn in the game over the past few weeks has seen the same packs drop to just above $50 on Atomic Hub, meaning that second hand market prices are now lower than the worth of first hand packs.

Nonetheless, the tokens CUBE and KRYPTON which are both used in game for robot repairs, creating new NFTs and more have kept a steady value since the game’s launch, a feat which is largely unprecedented for games on the Wax Blockchain. This gives Krypton a nice edge over competitor games which follow a pump-dump cycle. Whether the sustainable nature of the tokens will continue prior to new updates is still yet to be seen, and with the ability to now earn KRYPTON by beating daily alien bosses may mean that more NFTs are created in game, potentially diluting the resource pool and therefore the game’s tokens.

Overall, Krypton Dawn of Machines, also frequently referred to as Krypton, Krypton Quest and Krypton Robots, is a refreshing take on futuristic robot fighting. The performance of the game since launch, the slickness of the UI and artwork provides a lot of promise and potential for the game’s future. We just can’t wait to see what’s in store beyond Q3 2022.


  • High level of detail in the whitepaper, with all gameplay mechanics, tokenomics and more described.
  • Despite being a futuristic robot inspired game, the gameplay, style and artwork are unique.
  • Tokens have kept a relatively consistent value through crypto winter, indicating that the passive earning potential whilst not high may be sustainable i.e. not a pump and dump / tokenomics well thought out. However, a slight decline has occured over the past few weeks.
  • Accuracy on delivery of roadmap so far flawless.


  • Future Drops could look to provide a greater variety of packs and prices to allow for the inclusion of lower entry players
  • Anti Botting Measures could be considered for future drops
  • Whilst the game has performed relatively well during the crypto winter when most other decent Wax Blockchain P2E games have performed similarly, future updates should consider improvements to token performance
  • Update to Roadmap to see what is planned beyond Q3 2022
NFG Diamond Review — Krypton Dawn of Machine



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